Breathe…..Aren’t I already??

It sounds so simple. I’m breathing all day long. Day in and day out, right?!! Certainly true, but we tend to chest breath and not belly breath as we were intended to do. Posture, tension, stress and a host of other reasons contribute to our tendency to breath only using our upper chest area. Consequently, our lungs do not fully inflate with the air and oxygen necessary for all life’s functions. Aveolii are thin walled structures (end points, if you will) that exist throughout the lungs. This is where the exchange of carbon dioxide for oxygen occurs. With shallow chest breathing only a fraction of the available aveolii are used. It’s like an 8 cylinder engine running off of only 4 cylinders. Deep belly breathing uses all “cylinders”. It allows oxygen rich blood to circulate throughout the body. This nourishes our body and mind in many ways, it enhances the healing process, it literally enlivens us while also relaxing us. A good example of belly breathing can be seen when observing a baby breath. For those of you who are already my client, you’ll recognize that this is how (and why) I start your massage session with deep breaths. I hope you’ll take a moment to listen to this brief guided meditation, and strive to make belly breathing a habit in your life.

(See Medical Disclaimer Blog Post)