Birthday Sunshine Club Discount

I have decided to resume my Birthday Sunshine Club Discount! Schedule an appointment in the month of your birth and receive a $10 discount on a One Hour Massage! I know there are a number of you “January babies” out there who may be thinking “Hey what about meeee??! Fear not, for you too shall be able to join in the fun. Just remind me at the time of your appointment and the discount will be applied.
(This discount may not be added to any other discounts or packages.)

What’s new with you??

middle aged woman thinkingThings can change from one massage appointment to the next. Maybe there’s been a nagging headache, a pulled calf muscle or aching low back pain that has cropped up for you. Perhaps you’ve seen your doctor about an issue and some medications have been changed or added to your regime. Maybe you’ve discovered you have a new allergy. All of these things are good to pass along to your therapist. I call it providing “pieces of the puzzle” so that I can have a true picture of whats going on in your world.  It only takes a few moments each visit and can really provide some valuable insights into how best to proceed with your massage.

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