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” Supporting a new workplace paradigm with practices that promote sustainable
engagement, performance and high productivity in your employees”
~Claire Hanley, RN / LMT, Owner of Refresh On-Site Massage Services



Client Testimonial

“We brought in an LMT (who happens to be an RN as well). We did a special treat for our nurses for nurse’s week, Everyone was so happy with this woman, she is very kind, and very GOOD! and EVERY SINGLE person, including one of the doctors who got in on the action was very impressed by her! She’s affordable, and will bring in all her own supplies and even people that may not like to be “touched” were so impressed with her and extremely comfortable with her as well.”

E.A. Medical Office Manager 5/9/14

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Refresh On-Site Chair Massage

Is a division of Therapeutic Bodyworks LLC and has been providing Chair Massage services to businesses and at events around the Capital District (and beyond) since 2001.

I’m sure , by now, you have heard of On-Site Chair Massage. You may have seen it in an airport or perhaps in your local mall. It can provide a 10 minute reprieve from the demands of the day. Are you aware that On-Site Chair Massage can be a strategic addition to your organization’s business plan for success?  Stress is expensive. On-Site Chair Massage is a low cost, high return offering, that addresses the impact of stress in the workplace.


Finding new employees to meet your business’s needs can be a long and expensive process. You are looking for the best candidate. Once you’ve found that person you will want to retain them and get the highest return on your investment of time and money. On-Site Chair massage is a great addition to your employee benefit package to help achieve that goal. It is also a perfect fit as part of any Wellness or EAP program that may already be in place. The offering of On Site Chair Massage as a benefit can set you apart from your competition and be a positive addition to any advertising or public relations campaign.

Studies have shown that as high as 60% of all employee call-ins are in some way stress related. This creates a major strain when trying to meet your company’ s goals. Providing On-Site Chair Massage to employees directly addresses the inescapable workplace stresses that can drain your workforce’s productivity and lead to absenteeism.

  • On-Site Chair Massage is a great morale booster. Employees anticipate the day, enjoy and benefit from the massage, and feel it’s effects (both physically and emotionally) well beyond the day of the massage.
  • Educational materials can provide suggestions  for general wellness and specifically address the impact of repetitive action injuries.
  • Providing On-Site Chair Massage as a benefit, instead of an out of pocket expense to your employees shows the company’s commitment to the health and wellness of the employees. Creating a culture of being appreciated promotes loyalty and team building within your organization.
  • Participation is typically very well attended when offered as a benefit. In the employee pay circumstance, people can tend to look at regular stress relief as just another thing they should do for themselves, like eating healthier or getting more exercise. The cumulative, positive effects of regular massage can be lost.
  • The addition of On-Site Chair Massage can separate you from the crowd at job fairs you conduct, in search for that ideal employee candidate, by creating a buzz of activity at your booth.

Employee Investment-

A ten minute session is the minimum amount of time needed to address the typical areas that hold stress.

Longer sessions may be scheduled at your discretion.

Receiving sessions on a regular basis creates a cumulative beneficial effect; addressing chronic back pain issues and productivity sapping stress, leaving your employees relaxed, refreshed and renewed. Ready to meet that deadline or positively engage with that next big client.

(There is a two hour minimum and a four hour maximum per therapist. This assures that the last person we see gets the same quality of massage as the first person got. A traveling fee may apply, depending on distance.)

Call today to discuss your business’s needs and receive a quote (518) -573-5059.



Chair massage

On-Site Chair Massage allows you to have those problem areas where you carry your tension massaged away. Studies have shown that massage leaves you more alert and better able to focus on the task at hand. You are left feeling refreshed, renewed and ready to take on the challenges of the day. It feels great and it’s great to be appreciated! Seize your day with On-Site Chair Massage. Contact your HR Dept.manager or Wellness Coordinator to explore On-Site Chair Massage at your place of employment.





  • A point person for initial details works best. With knowledge that we are in a place of business, we provide the service in as unobtrusive a way as possible.
  • Therapist’s dress is business casual.
  • Chair massage typically occurs in an office or conference room.
  • Sign up sheets, intake forms and (setting appropriate) educational stretching sheets are provided.
  • There is always the opportunity to further customize your employee’s chair massage experience to better meet your business’s needs
  • Call 518-573-5059 to set up your initial consultation to address any questions or concerns you may have.