Seasonal Stress


Although seasonal transitions are natural and normal in nature and in our bodies, these changes have their own demands.

Modern ways of living also place their stresses on us in the fall.

  • We strive to keep up our yards as the winds blow down the leaves and branches.
  • Kids and adults alike are back to school.
  • We often make up for summer vacation by putting in more hours at work.

These demands can catch up with you, at the same time we become exposed to illnesses that require a vigorous immune system. All of this makes fall a very good time to renew your commitment to self-care.

Along with eating well and exercising, remember to schedule your massage.

When you come in for your appointment, check in with yourself. Are you a little chilly? Ask for an extra blanket or for the table warmer to be turned up to a toasty temperature.

Consider scheduling a European Hot Stone massage.

Do essential oils sound appealing? Lemon can boost the immune system, eucalyptus soothes a scratchy throat and rosemary relieves achy muscles.

This season, enlist the healing qualities of massage as an ally to help you let go of physical and mental strain, and come back into balance in this breezy, changeable season.

(See Medical Disclaimer Blog Post)

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