Summer Vacation: We’re all looking for Stress Relief.

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We look forward to it all year long. We head to the beach, or the mountains, the warmer weather, the countryside, a change of scenery and an escape from our everyday responsibilities. It may be a week or two. It may be traveling to far, far away or taking short day trips. Whatever the distance or the destination we look to relieve the effects of stress that have accumulated over time.
Have you ever noticed that sometimes even going on vacation can be stressful! There’s the planning and the packing. Will your means of getting there work out without having to stress over connecting flights or hours in standstill traffic? Depending on the number and ages of the people you are traveling with, there can be many different plans for what will be done once you arrive at your destination. Some folks want to head “straight for the beach” and unpack and settle in latter. Others want to get that behind them before they can truly start to unwind. Some may want to “check out the town” or head out to the outlet stores or local treasure shops to catch the first of many, hoped for, bargains or mementos. Some folks want to”pack in” as much activity as they can while others just want to “veg out”. It can be stressful successfully navigating everyone’s expectations of this precious and limited commodity called vacation time.
So with all that having been said, here are a few suggestions to (hopefully) increase the chances that you don’t return from vacation, in need of a vacation!

🙂 It all starts with communication. Doesn’t it (or shouldn’t it) always! Time for a family / group meeting. If you have decided on a location, get a feel for who might fall into the above mentioned categories. (I’m sure you’ll discover as many categories as there are people going.)

🙂 Discuss group time vs individual time. Find out if there are any common interests and if there any special “most do” activities for anyone.

🙂 Look to share the inescapable everyday responsibilities so that no one person is saddled with them. For example, create a shopping list and take turns getting the groceries. Take turns making meals. Dinner is a nice time to reconnect after a day of everyone “doing their own thing”. New experiences and new discoveries can be shared with the group. In doing so, you never know, you may turn a “shopper” into a “ocean watcher” or vice versa!

:-)Try not to chisel any plans in stone, but instead, go with the flow. This way expectations and disappointment can be (better) held in check.

🙂 If aches and pains turn up from increased physical activity or stress finds it’s way into your vacation time, check out a local massage therapist. They can provide a “reboot” session and get you back into vacation mode again.

Planning a journey

So how does all of this relate to Therapeutic Bodyworks, you might ask? Receiving regular Massage Therapy sessions can be the escape and relief that you seek in a vacation. Imagine feeling de-stressed, refreshed and renewed in the middle of your demanding work week! Ready to get out, and have more to give, toward “getting the job done”! When you take advantage of one of my massage packages, you can decompress from stress as frequently as you’d like without having to wait for months on end. Some customers come every two weeks to get a handle on their stress, then shift to monthly massages. Imagine feeling as relaxed as you do at the end of a “beach day” in the middle of a work week! That’s what a massage session can do for you. Really! Call or schedule your next vacation, I mean massage, from the booking page, here on the website!

Here’s hoping your vacation is all that you hoped for! When you get back home, and before you fall back into that daily routine, schedule your next appointment. You’ll thank me for it. 🙂

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