TBW Covid-19 Re-Opening Up-Date

Greetings from Therapeutic Bodyworks!

I hope this finds you doing well. As we hopefully approach the beginning of Phase II in the re-opening process, it still appears to me that Massage Therapy will have to wait longer. In doing my research I find that while hair salons and barber shops are in Phase II, massage therapy is specifically excluded at this time. I can only surmise that this is related to the close proximity necessary when providing massage and the extended time together in close proximity. Fear not, we will have our day! In the meantime I prepare. I took a glimpse at the mandatory and best practices  changes required for hair salons to reopen. It was six pages long. Again, fear not, (and I may be talking to myself at this point!) we will get there!  What I am planning for is a period of time, up to a month, post reopen date before I would reopen.  Creating the required Covid-19 policy and procedure manual is happening now. Implementation of those changes and a thorough cleaning of the facility will take some time as well. I ask for your patience to bear with me in this process. In the absence of a vaccine or reliable treatment the ultimate goal is to arrive at a place where massage can be provided in the safest environment possible.

Before addressing procedural changes I just wanted to spend a moment discussing an overview of how this virus is transmitted. This is to the best of our current knowledge and the rationale behind the changes being made.

Covid -19 is a respiratory infection caused by a virus that is easily transmittable between people. It transmits or spreads by droplets that come from our mouth and nose when we breath, talk or sneeze. These droplets can stay aloft in the air or land on surfaces. Others can be infected when they breath in these droplets or touch a surface that has these droplets on it, then touch their own eyes, nose or mouth. Studies are on-going but depending on the type of surface material, these surfaces can remain capable of transmitting the virus and therefore infection for anywhere from hours to as long 5 days (Source CDC). This coupled with the finding that 80% of cases are mild or without any symptoms at all and that you are most infectious two days prior to the onset of any symptoms (Source CDC) shows the need for vigilance and heightened cleaning practices.

Today I thought I would start to address some of the changes that will be necessary when making an appointment.:

I will resume use of my scheduling app when the re-opening date is announced. It will show available dates one month from that time. On-line scheduling is appreciated. You will notice that there will be fewer time slots available per day. This is to accommodate the cleaning measures that will be required between clients.

On-line payment (when possible) is appreciated, as this further decreases the chance of virus transmission.

The day prior to your appt. I will be calling to do a Covid -19 Health Screening and to see what issues may be bringing you in for massage. This will replace the “desk time” we used to do upon your arrival. From our conversation I will create a form with that information that would then need to be signed and dated by you, at your appt. A renewal of an informed consent for massage will also need to be signed. (For long time clients, this was at the bottom of your initial intake form.)

My late cancellation policy is suspended for the foreseeable future. This is done in case you find you don’t feel well at the last minute before your appt. It’s more important to stay home and be well, whether the problem is Covid-19 related or not.

Upon arrival to the office on the day of your appt., please remain in your car until I indicate I’m ready for you to come in.

I will need to take and record a non-contact temperature and I will have hand sanitizer readily available to you for use upon arrival.

Masks are also required to be worn by each of us during the session. I know that’s a drag, but it’s necessary. Please come with your mask.

So with all of that said, you’re in the door! There are a lot changes. No doubt about it. I think that’s more than enough to digest for one email!

Until the next up-date…Be Well.