Swedish Depositphotos_18084999_xsMassage:

The Swedish modality is a form of massage that most people are somewhat familiar with. A variety of techniques (kneading, stroking, friction, percussion and vibration) are employed that are specifically designed to relax muscles. The benefits of this type of massage include, but are not limited to:  relief from tense, knotted muscles, increased circulation and removal of toxins from muscles that can be the cause of soreness or pain, and  improved flexibility. When discomfort and pain are lessened or  relieved the mind is calmed, leading to a sense of  well-being.

30 minute session – $50.00

60 minute session – $80.00

90 minute session – $115.00 (Currently On Hold)


 Deep Tissue:

deep tissueNot to be confused with a request of deep pressure during a Swedish Massage session, Deep Tissue massage is a seperate modality. This technique is used in cases of consistent pain such as muscles with chronic tension, spasms, knots and trigger points. Only the troublesome muscle or muscle group is focused on during the session. The forearm and elbow can be used to access the deeper muscular layers. The pace of the massage is slower. This allows the muscles to give way to the treatment without out causing further damage or injury. Feedback from the client on the amount of pressure being applied during any session is always welcome and necessary, but especially so during a Deep Tissue session.  This having been said, it is not uncommon for receivers of deep tissue massage  to have their pain replaced by a new muscle ache  for a day or two.

30 minute session – $55.00


Pregnancy Massage:

tbw2pregEach trimester can bring different discomforts due to hormonal changes and physical changes in both mother and baby. Pregnancy massage is administered after the first trimester (13 weeks) to alleviate the muscle aches and pains associated with the changes in a women’s body during pregnancy. Benefits include allieving back ache, fatique, anxiety, insomnia and sciatic pain. Special positioning is used during pregnancy massage for the mother’ comfort. Pregnancy massage is always appreciated as a baby shower gift for the soon-to-be Mom.

30 minute session – $50.00

60 minute session – $80.00

90 minute session – $115.00 (Currently On Hold)


Sports Massage

 Focus is placed on the muscles and parts of the body most used by the athelete. Specific techniques are employed to help free adhesions and lessen muscle soreness from workouts or competition. It can be utilized, pre-event, post event or as an on-going addition to training to gain that competitive edge.


30 minute session – $50.00

60 minute session – $80.00


Reiki (Ra- Kee):

ReikiIs a form of energy therapy that originated in Japan. Reiki practioners hold their hands on or slightly above the seven energy centers of the  body in order to convey  and help balance the universal life energy to that area for healing. Sessions leave you feeling calm and relaxed.


30 minute session – $50.00

60 minute session – $80.00

90 minute session – $115.00 (Currently On Hold)


ThermalPalms Massage:

Image ID: 18263708 Copyright Subbotina | Fully formatted HTML: Copyright Dreamstime.comA great alternative to Hot Stone Massage. Soft, hand held, heated packs mold to the contours of your body while delivering soothing heat to aching muscle and joints. ThermalPalms quickly warm and soften tense muscles making them more receptive to deeper work. It’s a great addition to a massage, especially during the colder months.

90 minute session – $125.00 (Currently On Hold)


Comfort Massage:

Senior woman having a massage

This is a modality that uses light massage techniques for clients who are more fragile due to physical disability, advanced age or illness. Sessions are completely individualized based on the client’s circumstances, needs and tolerance. The intent is to leave the client calmed, comfortable and relaxed. Many times care-givers report that these clients slept more soundly than on nights without massage.


30 minute session – $50.00

60 minute session – $80.00

(a traveling fee may apply)


Refresh On-Site Chair Massage:

Chair massage

Takes place at your worksite or designated location. A specially designed Massage Chair is used. Employees remain fully clothed and receive a 10-20 minute respite from the requirements of the day. It’s a great way to show staff appreciation and build morale while cutting back on stress related call ins. The return on your investment in your employees will be substantial.

Each business’s needs are unique. Call today for a price quote.

(Minimum (2) hour session, per therapist. Maximum (4) hour session, per therapist.  (A traveling fee may apply.)




Packages- (All Pkg. sales are currently on HOLD)

A) – Buy 3 one hour massages at the regular price ($240.00), get half off your fourth massage
($280.00 total).

B) – Buy 5 one hour massages at the regular price ($400.00), get the sixth one free
($400.00 total).

C) – Buy 3 half hour massages at the regular price ($150.00) and get the 4th one at half off.

($175.00 total) (Currently On Hold)

D) – Buy 5 half hour massages at the regular price ($250.00) and get the 6th one FREE.

($250.00 total) (Currently On Hold)

  • Packages can not be combined with any other discounts or special offerings.



(Corporate)  One Hour Massage Gift Certificate Volume Discounts:

Reward your top performers and inspire the employee you’d like to see step-up.

1-5     Gift Certificates – $80 each

6-12  Gift Certificates- $75 each

13-19  Gift Certificates- $70 each

20+     Gift Certificates-$65 each

  • Gift certificate bundles are paid in full at time of purchase. All sales are final. One Gift Certificate per person, per package.
  • Gift certificate must be presented at the time of service and massages are redeemed at the 29 Sheer Rd. office location.
  • Gift certificates have no expiration date and are not transferable.
  • Gift Certificates have no cash value and are only good for a one-hour relaxation massage.
  • Volume discount packages can not be combined with any other discounts or special offerings.
  • Call (518)-573-5059 to complete the purchase of bundles.

Corporate Executive’s Package:

Sharpen your edge and boost your energy with the Corporate Executive’s package. Receive a monthly Stress Relieving massage for the price of ten. That’s a $150.00 savings, but that’s just the beginning of the benefits of this package. Shed the stress and tension of administering your business on a regular basis and you will be better able to handle whatever challenge comes up next! Experience the difference this package can make!

Corporate Executive’s Package- $800.00

  • Packages are paid in full at the time of purchase. All sales are final.
  • Massages are redeemed at the 29 Sheer Rd. location.
  • Massages can be scheduled in advance or at the time of your current appointment.
  • The Corporate Executive’s  package can not be combined with any other discounts or special offerings.
  • This package is not transferable. You’ve got to take care of yourself for this to help!



Therapeutic Bodyworks on-going   “Standing Orders”:

All active duty Military, Police , Fire and EMS personnel can receive a one hour relaxation massage, once a month, .for $45.00

(Proof of ID may be requested.)

Our way of saying Thank You, for all you do.

  • This discount can not be combined with any other discount or special offer.


There is never an additional charge for selected Aroma Therapy blended oils with any of the above offerings. You will also receive a complimentary bottle of water at the end of all sessions. (While supplies last.)




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